Sep 8 2013

Modified flathead tanks


Sep 4 2013

Evo Rigid


Sep 4 2013

T120 Triumph Chopper



1971 Triumph T120 Bonneville

Betor front end

10″ high bars

1936 spare tire cover

Cole Foster tank

Paint by Rolfe Brittian

Jan 28 2013

Panhead For Sale…SOLD…Heading to Japan!


88″ S&S Panhead

mallory electronic ignition

Paughco wishbone frame

custom exhaust

35mm harley narrow glide with shaved lower legs

21″ front spool wheel.  Powdercoated black with stainless spokes

18″ rear star hub wheel powdercoated black with stainless spokes

4 speed transmission

tin pirmary with 1 1/2 Rivera pro clutch belt drive

Mid controls

Re-worked sportster tank

early stock horeshoe oil tank

email me @ if interested.

Dec 25 2012

Mr. Bluh’s Triumph



1968 Bonneville

stock front frame loop

stock forks with stainless fork cups

stock Bonneville tank

Bird hardtail with zero  stretch

ribbed fender with sparto and pillion

pre-unit oil tank re-worked to fit with a unit motor

stainless fender brace

motor done by City British Cycle in San Francisco


More pics coming  once it’s  on the road.

Dec 25 2012

Triumph Drag Bike



Ceriani forks

21″ Steel shouldered rim

additional aluminum tanks for the salt (needs to be finished)

stainless seat pan waiting to  be covered at Franzini’s

frame has gas tank in backbone of the frame

oil tank  is in the center post of the frame

18″ Borrani with quick change hub

Apr 8 2012

triumph drag frame



getting close to getting all tacked up.

NOS Avon 18″ Slick.


More to follow

Feb 17 2012

And so it begins


Feb 17 2012

“WR” style tanks for Sonny


Sep 25 2011

Street Chopper Magazine MFSO KIRK!


Sep 25 2011

1948 Panhead



Straightleg frame

1948 Panhead with replacement early STD cases

Blue Moon Customs Paint

re pop ribbed fender

stainless struts, foot pegs, and brake pedal

Joe Hunt Mag

Rivera Belt Drive

16″ and 21″  wheel combo

mechanical brakes front and rear

2″ under wide glide front end

Aug 23 2011

1966 Black Shovelhead


Straight leg Frame

1966 Shovelhead,  machined and assembled by Bob Bianchi and John “The Russian”

1 1/2 Rivera belt drive

Spool 21″ front wheel powdercoated black with Buchanon stainless spokes

18″ juice drum rear wheel powdercoated black with Buchanon stainless spokes

8″ riser drag bars

Jul 6 2011

Hayward Zombie


Survivor back on the road

1969 XLCH

38mm Lake Injector

early HD combo springer

Goose on Goose

Acid inspired paint

Ridden by one of Nor-Cal’s finest

Jun 10 2011

Frisco Chopper



PM Controls

11.5 rotor conversion

Narrowed Flanders 16″ Ape Hangers

Paughco Gooseneck pipes


Jan 9 2011

KIRK’S Sporty Sneak Peak


Dec 16 2010

Brass Tags


Compliments of Kirk Jones.  Thanks!

Nov 25 2010

C-51 T-shirts are now available


sizes:  M, L, XL, XXL

color: black


email me at if interested

Nov 25 2010

Latest Version of the Pan



img_2847 Mullins Chain Drive 41mm Triple trees with early  shaved Panhead lower legs

modified star hub to fit super narrow front end

Steed stainless t-bars

Aug 19 2010

1966 Shovel version 2.0


Available in the Bike Gallery

Aug 19 2010

Clutch Monkey Short Film


Marc and his Knucklehead in 8MM

Jul 11 2010



Sneak Peek of Jack’s 1966 Skinny Shovelhaed

Jul 8 2010

New Paint for the Pan by Rolfe Brittain


The tank you see here is exact copy of a tank I’ve had on my wall for many years.  With the help of Rolfe and Rory, it has a new home.  Thanks guys!

Jul 7 2010

1956 Panhead



1956 Panhead

1948 frame

Steed mid controls

18″ rear wheel, 21″ front wheel

Primo belt drive

S&S Super E

Joe Hunt Magneto

old tractor headlight

Jul 3 2010

Marc’s ’66 shovel



1966 Shovelhead

1948 Frame

Small british tank with flush mount gas cap

Ceriani front end  with 21″ Akront, stainless Buchanon spokes and Flyrite spool hub

18″  Excel rear wheel, stainless Buchanon spokes,  star hub

cray pipes ceramic coated

wide ribbed rear fender

Paint by Rolfe Brittain

Featured in Dice Magazine Issue 31

Jun 29 2010

Mids for Evo



Good bye forward controls, Hello Mids

Anderson foot pegs

Jun 23 2010




1960 Panhead lower with 1966 Shovelhead upper

1948 wishbone frame

4 speed transmission

stock horseshoe oil tank

Primo belt Drive

Steed Mid controls

high pipes with Bung King flared ends

33.4  Sportster front end with 21″ wheel

18″ rear wheel with british ribbed fender

Low tunnel Frisco tank

Mallory ignition

S&S Super E

Paint by Rolfe Brittain

Jun 23 2010




1972 T120 motor and front end

1970 N.O.S. frame with bolt on hardtail

Daytona gas tank

Paint by Rolfe Brittain

Jun 23 2010




Version  #1

Paughco wishbone frame

S&S Panhead built by Duncan Keller of Yankee Enginuity

Mallory Ignition

S&S Super E 

Rivera belt drive

Steed exhaust pipes ceramic coated with trumpet mufflers

Mid controls

Stock style springer 19″  star hub wheel

16″ rear wheel with 1936 spare tire cover fender

1940’s horseshoe oil tank

Seat by Don Clancy

Paint by Rolfe Brittain

Jun 23 2010

Board Tracker


Originally built for the Dirtbag Challenge in San Francisco,  but didn’t follow the rules.  An exercise in what can happen with a bunch of parts laying around the shop.

1948 Harley hummer frame stretched to fit a 1967 Benelli single motor.

1948 Harley hummer girder front end a gas tank

1970’s front Triumph fender used for rear fender

rear 21″ wheel:  Avon speedmaster, Susuki trail bike hub laced to a harley 21″ rim with Buchanon stainless spokes

front wheel: Avon speedmaster, funky spool hub laced to a harley 21″ rim with Buchanon stainless spokes

bicycle bars with Susuki trial bike internal throttle

Swan shifter

wrapped exhaust pipes with VW stinger

Italian Lycete seat

bicycle headlight

paint as found